Bliss Solution

Bliss provides systematic population management solutions

1Establish communities of local stakeholders within the care delivery network.

2Stratify patient population into risk-based segments.

3Deploy individualized care plans supported with tailored remote monitoring equipment, virtual visits, and patient/family engagement. Monitor adherence to care plans.

4Monitor health/financial outcomes across patient population and by segment.

Bliss Clients

Spectrum of health providers deploying traditional & emerging models of care

IDN, small to medium hospital systems

Progressive integrated care management and home care agencies

Managed care providers

Payer sources: payer systems in managed care space

Senior living campus + community/regional out reach

1 Bundled models / Risk shared models

  • A- Long term care management models
  • B- CMS bundled payment models
  • C- Capitated and full or partial risk models across providers
  • D- Population health management
  • E- ACOs and other shared saving models

2 Chronic disease management programs

  • A- Providers and IDN contracted by managed care payers
  • B- Physician networks / ACOs / PCMH models on patient-centric models
  • C- Transitional care models

3 Virtual tele-health

  • A- ALF at home
  • B- SNF at home
  • C- Manage in between appointments
  • D- ER diversion
  • E- Physician on demand models
  • F- Virtual clinic models

4 Emerging federal programs

  • A- Next gen ACOs
  • B- PCMH
  • C- Bundled models
  • D- Managed medicaid
  • E- Managed medicare

Bliss Features

Bliss Care Network

Bliss care network integrates thousands of providers to the local patient population




Family caregivers


Care managers


Paid caregivers


Care recipients






Supports providers

Configurable Platform

Communication tools

(video, phone, text, chat)

Scheduling system

(calendaring, EVV)

Financial management

( payroll, billing,cost accounting)

Administrative functions

(credentialing, user management)


(NPI, ICD, eRX tools)

Integrated with

social media/ marketing

Device Agnostic

Accessible via web, iOs & android apps delivered through cloud-based, API driven customized HIPPA compliant servers

Bliss Advantages

Develop New Lines of BusinessDevelop new lines of business

  • The platform can lend itself to business growth in spaces already partially occupied
  • Allows for revenue growth without added personnel
  • Develop and deploy new programs all through the same system
  • Direct agreements with new payer sources emerging from these payment model changes (hospitals, IDN, ACOs)

Operations Tied to Clinical OutcomesOperations tied to clinical outcomes

  • Determine true cost of service and cost of delivering care for various risk groups or profiled groups
  • Determine true value based levels with outcomes and costs and revenues tied together
  • Cost of delivering care accessible to help determine strategic deployment for cost effective outcomes

Empower and Engage Care CommunityEmpower and engage care community

  • Cost of delivering care accessible to help determine strategic deployment for cost effective outcomes
  • Care recipient engagement tools
  • Caregiver engagement tools
  • Deploy what is needed when it is needed model
  • Engage various programs at pivotal moments for maximum effectiveness
  • Anywhere there is internet care community can engage

Succeed In New Delivery ModelsSucceed in new delivery models

  • Collaborative IDN/ ACO, bundled , risk based, value based models
  • Community health programs
  • Disease management / chronic care
  • Transitional care models
  • Medical center home
  • Closed system/capitated/Risk based
  • Aging at home programs
  • Primary care adjunct health mgmt.
  • Life care management